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University of Connecticut Division of Student Affairs

Parent & Family Resources

Dear Parents and Families,

On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, welcome to the UConn family.  The Division understands that you are invested in your student’s success and recognizes the vital role you play with your student’s college experience.

Please take a moment to read the Division of Student Affairs philosophy regarding our commitment to partner with parents and families.  It will give you a sense of how the staff in our division intends to work with you to help your students be as successful as possible.

To assist you, we invite you to utilize our Parent & Family website. It provides comprehensive resources that address the many transitions both you and your student will experience while at UConn.   We believe you will find the information on this website thought-provoking and helpful as you support your student through her or his UConn experience.

Check back frequently as we will be posting timely articles, important dates, and other information that you will want to know.  As always, you may contact any member of our staff with questions or concerns, and if you are not sure where to call, call the Office of Student Services & Advocacy at 860-486-3426.

Go Huskies!



The University of Connecticut's Division of Student Affairs recognizes and respects the critical role of parents and families in students’ lives. Parental and family involvement can also have a profound impact on the pursuit of the students’ educational goals and ultimate success beyond their university experience. To that end, we value the opportunity to be proactive partners with parents and families during their students’ collegiate career by:

  • Offering education about student transitions and adjustments, student development, and institutional resources;
  • Providing transparent communication in regard to policies, resources, and approaches to working with students;
  • Promoting supportive parental and family involvement that fosters the development of students’ self-advocacy and coping skills;
  • Listening to and fairly incorporating multiple perspectives with respect to differences in cultural and family structures; and
  • Responding to concerns and sharing information with a balanced approach to the educational needs of the student, quality customer service, and within the expectations of University and Division policies as well as federal and state laws.

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