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University of Connecticut Division of Student Affairs


One Division. Multiple Services. Students First.


The Division of Student Affairs provides programs, services, and co-curricular experiences that enhance student success. Our efforts support the development of the whole person by fostering an awareness of lifelong learning and promoting the development of skills for effective citizenship in a diverse world. We promote a vibrant intellectual climate that supports an active and inclusive community. We strive to be reflective and intentional in an ever–changing environment.


Through a strong community-centered environment, we will work together with integrity to enhance campus life by creating a sense of ownership, responsibility, and confidence in the University. We will send forth graduates who will make outstanding contributions to society.


Our guiding values and principles guide our efforts in pursuit of our specific priorities and goals and describe how we live the UConn Creed through our work.

I will practice personal and academic integrity.

We Value Integrity.
Individually and collectively we meet the expectations and guidelines of our students, colleagues and the University.

I will respect the dignity and rights of all persons.

We Value Diversity.

Individual differences and unique perspectives are respected. Inclusion is the foundation for decision making and respect for others is non-negotiable. The well being of each individual is sensitively supported.

We Value people.

We affirm individual rights and freedoms in balance with responsibility to the good of the entire community. Social responsibility and an ethic of service to others are fundamentals of our work.

I will demonstrate concern for others and live up to my community responsibilities.

We Value Stewardship.

We maintain and manage our resources appropriately and are accountable for our actions. We strive to maintain a sustainable community that is environmentally and socially conscious.

We Value character.

Our reputation is built upon reliability. We demonstrate a commitment to dependable performance that produces successful results.

I will approach learning (work) with a spirit of inquiry.

We Value collaboration.

Our strength and impact on this campus as a coordinated team can and will be extraordinary.

We Value competence.

Students, staff and faculty gravitate to the departments within the Division with confidence. We demonstrate credibility and knowledge.

We Value Initiative.

We create opportunities that encourage and reward new ideas. We support the thoughtful integration of new technologies.

I will take pride in the University of Connecticut.

We Value service.

Our services are provided in the best way possible, while thoughtfully balancing educational needs and customer service.

We Value excellence.

Through thoughtful assessment we continuously strive to deliver programs and services with pride and distinction. We will enhance the reputation of the University of Connecticut.

One Division. Multiple Services. Students First.


Student Engagement

The Division of Student Affairs will provide programs, services, and co-curricular activities that enhance student learning, engage students in their academic and University experiences, and prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

effectiveness and service delivery

The Division of Student Affairs will support the institution’s goals through a quality portfolio of services based on the principles of reliability, evidence based decision making, and effectiveness.


The Division of Student Affairs will foster a campus community that provides a welcoming environment, attracts and supports a diverse student body and staff, promotes a diverse culture in which students live and learn, and prepares students to succeed in a diverse global environment.

community engagement and service

The Division of Student Affairs will provide opportunities for engagement between the Institution and the community that enhance learning, promote student engagement, foster connections with the Institution, and provide services to the community.

alumni involvement and engagement

The Division of Student Affairs will provide opportunities that engage alumni in the Institution, foster alumni development, and enhance charitable giving in support of Division programming and priorities.